Kangaroo Mother Care I and Kangaroo Mother Care II


Kangaroo Mother Care(KMC) was researched by Dr. Nils Bergman in South Africa predominantly for premature infants. He termed this unique skin to skin wearing of pre-term infants Kangaroo Mother Care due to it’s similarity of the baby kangaroo in his mother’s pouch. KMC  I :Rediscover the Natural Way to Care for Your Newborn Baby explains the value of skin to skin for pre-term infants and shows how to wrap the baby to parent’s chest. KMC II: Restoring the original Paradigm for Infant Care and Breastfeeding is a more comprehensive expanded instruction for health care professionals.  KMC I and II are available in English and together in DVD format only.  Metodo Madre Canguro is the Spanish version of KMC I and sold separately in DVD format.


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By Dr. Nils Bergman, MD

The Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) films are the ultimate in evidence for evidence-based practice! Perfect module for schools of medicine or nursing.  Dr. Bromberg Bar-Yam’s review in the Journal of Human Lactation sums it up by saying; “Dr. Bergman defines terms clearly, and puts human development in mammalian and evolutionary context. His narrative is clear and understandable… One wishes Dr. Bergman was lecturing in person so that one could address questions directly to him.

KMC I – Rediscover the natural way to care for your newborn baby.

This film summarizes Dr. Bergman’s research in South Africa to prove that the newborn thrives best skin to skin on his mother’s chest. The diapered naked baby is placed against the mother’s skin between her breasts where the temperature is perfectly controlled all the time.  Kangaroo Mother Care enables the baby to relax, and improve the heart rate, respiration and the body temperature. Breastfeeding is an essential and natural part of Kangaroo Care. Great for the reluctant nurser! Wrapping the baby to mother’s chest is demonstrated for staff and parents to learn. Kangaroo Care works for all newborn babies, but especially premature ones. Dads can do it too!  This Video is a must for all prospective parents and their health care professionals.

KMC II – Restoring the original paradigm for infant care and breastfeeding.

This expanded film is a 51 minute class instruction for health professionals: physicians, neonatologists, nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, doulas, and all who support the maternal/newborn dyad. THE film for those who want more on Kangaroo Mother Care. Dr. Bergman clearly and simply presents what happens to a human newborn when she/he is separated from the mother. His own research plus over 200 studies show the benefits to the newborn in skin to skin care:

  • Infant temperature control
  • Oxygenation of the infant
  • Heart rate regulation of the newborn
  • Lowering of stress responses
  • Immunity protection
  • Less infant energy needs
  • Faster weight gain
  • Breastfeeding initiation and maintenance
  • Maternal bonding

Metodo Madre Canguro

This is the Spanish version of Kangaroo Mother Care I available only on DVD format only.

Running time: 26 minutes, 51 minutes

DVD – ISBN # 1-885748-74-4

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