We understand that many love our films so much they wish to share the content. And we made them for education purposes and showing them to others. But some feel that because they CAN (by some means) take a section from the DVD or take the entire film they may have purchased from us and upload it, that they HAVE permission to do so . Sadly, copyright law does not work that way. It states that in order to keep our copyright we must actively protect it from being violated. That means preventing any content owned by Geddes from being ripped (torn from the DVD that it was purchased from), copied or uploaded to a different format without our permission. It also means preventing individuals from showing our products to an audience without our permission.

Yet we appreciate the admiration our consumers show for our many and varied products. It is the goal of Geddes Productions, LLC to provide the highest quality educational materials in the fields of lactation and birth. However, producing these materials for you is costly. To assure our continue ability to create these works you have come to love, we must protect our ownership rights in them. In order to do that, we must inform you of the following:

All Geddes Productions, LLC material is protected under United States Copyright law. Therefore, the following FBI warning applies: “Warning: The unauthorized reproductions or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.”

All Geddes Productions, LLC material is covered by international copyright law. Therefore the following Interpol warning also applies: “Interpol Warning: International agreements and national laws protect copyrighted motion pictures, video tapes and sound recordings. Unauthorized reproduction, exhibition or distribution of copyrighted motion pictures can result in severe criminal and civil penalties under the laws of your country.”

In addition to enforcing our legal rights under U.S. and International law, we unfortunately find it necessary to report violators to the ethics committees of their respective professional organizations. Again, if we do not do this, we lose our copyright protection. The purchaser of our works also has an obligation to follow the law and a responsibility as a professional to comply with the ethics of the organization that licenses or certifies them.

So to help the people who love the content of our works and want to use it in a different form or to multiple audiences we are offering a wide variety of ways to legally share our products including a clip service, closed circuit TV rights, e-learning media rights and public performance rights. Find the format that fits your needs below, download the information link and then purchase through the shopping cart. If you just wish to play the film on a DVD player or computer to an audience without transferring or copying it in any way, just send us an email letting us know where to so we may give you permission.