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HOLD YOUR PREMIE are the words that every parent of a baby born too early longs to hear! Dr. Nils Bergman’s research and earlier films on skin to skin care for professionals has changed the way NICUs facilitate skin-to-skin and breastfeeding. His wife, Jill Bergman, is a chidren’s educator and designed a parent friendly version of this scientific information in this film as well as her simple companion book. Together they’ve made a film that many NICU’s use to help parents understand how to do it and why it is important. Available in English.

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By Jill Bergman with Dr. Nils Bergman, MD

HOLD YOUR PREMIE gets right to the heart of parents concern and fears of delivering too soon. . Parents see real scenes of a full term African baby going to the breast by himself at delivery and another showing this after a cesarean birth! Perfect for encouraging diversity in the USA. This film not only gives parents permission to hold their infant skin-to-skin but explains why it is vital for the baby to not be left alone. The film shows how to do it easily along with breastfeeding. Jill talks parents through their emotional turmoil, on to practical things to do, empowering them to become central to the team for their baby's care.  Helps parents to understand the premie and how differently they feed and why protecting baby's sleep is important. Breast milk is best: Pumping and breastfeeding are beautifully described for the premature infant.

All orders OUTSIDE the USA, Canada & South Americas order directly through Dr. Nils & Jill Bergman. www.kangaroomothercare.com

Running time: 29 minutes

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