Baby-Led Breastfeeding – The Mother-Baby Dance


In this film with Dr Tina Smillie and Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP-PC, we see mothers learning to breastfeed naturally…by letting their babies show them how. Babies are already hardwired to seek out and find the breast when we get out of the babies’ way.  Watch baby after baby move to the breast and attach asymmetrically to the aureola on their own!  Available in English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese and Dutch and in many formats; DVD, digital, PowerPoint clips, and CCTV Licensing for Hospitals.

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With Dr. Tina Smillie and Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP-PC
film available in English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, & Dutch

Let Baby Lead the Way…

In Baby-Led Breastfeeding, we see babies of different ages, with different gestational ages and breastfeeding difficulties ALL seeking the breast and attaching.  Mother’s viewing baby after baby doing this often realize that their baby can do it also.  In this film we see just how babies can do it…when we get out of the babies’ way.

Dr Smillie began observing this in her post-discharge pediatric lactation practice.  After learning of this phenomenon from Dr. Smillie, Kittie Frantz began to use this same approach first in a private pediatric practice and then at Los Ageles County University of Southern California Medical Center. All physicians and maternity staff at LAC+USC were trained to place the baby prone on mom’s chest and watch baby move toward the breast and attach asymmetrically, The staff love it as it saves them time at the bedside and works so easily. Staff also noted a dramatic reduction of nipple soreness and a dramatic decrease in maternal requested formula. The parents react so enthusiastically to see their smart baby do this!  Baby-led breastfeeding takes the performance anxiety away from the mother and shows her that the baby is a true valuable partner in the success of breastfeeding.

“We don’t have to make our babies learn to feed−we just allow them to follow their instincts to learn.”

Running time: Approximately 16 minutes in length, plus over an hour of bonus footage!

DVD – ISBN # 978-1-885748-79-9

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English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Dutch

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DVD (Physical), Digital, PowerPoint Clips, CCTV License


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