Getting to Know Your Baby and/or The First Week


These two films by Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP-PC are well designed for parents and professionals to understand the newborn.  The first film, Getting To Know Your Baby, (English only) visualizes for parents what the physician is looking for in the newborn’s exam and will fascinate them by answering many questions.  The second film, The First Week, (English and Spanish) is perfect for early discharge programs to reinforce the discharge instructions parents often have trouble remembering or understanding.  Get two films in one physical DVD, Getting to Know Your Baby AND The First Week or individually in other formats; digital, PowerPoint Clips, or CCTV Licensing for Hospitals.

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By Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP-PC

Ever wonder what the doctor is doing and why, when your newborn is examined? In Getting To Know Your Baby see Kittie Frantz explain the unique newborn and how he is wondrously made for breast feeding. This Clinical Assessment of a normal newborn covers baby head-to-toe and the explanations will amaze you. Do you know why babies sneeze? Why does she like to keep her fists by her mouth? Did you know how important his reflexes are for breast feeding?

The First Week is a video that addresses the new family’s concerns about managing breastfeeding during baby’s first week. How often should I breastfeed the baby? Should feedings be on a schedule? How can I tell if she is getting enough breast milk? Should we limit feedings to prevent nipple soreness? Why does he feed so much at night? Are her dirty diapers normal color? What can I do about feeling so tired?

These positive films are sure to get breastfeeding off to a great start by alleviating many of parents concerns after taking their newborn home.

Running time: 25/56 minutes

DVD – ISBN # 1-885748-73-6

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English, Spanish

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DVD (Physical), Digital – GKYB, Digital – 1st Week, PowerPoint Clips, CCTV License


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