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With Lennart Righard, MD
and Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP-PC


This video depicts a newborn's ability at birth to crawl up to a breast and attach himself unassisted.

Dr. Righard's study published with midwife, Margaret Alade, in The Lancet looked at two groups of babies, one group was unmedicated and within 50 minutes, most infants self-attached! This six-minute video will change your protocols!

A must for hospital staff inservice. A wonderful adjunct for Training LDRP units. Childbirth classes have had unprecidented success with this video. It causes parents to seriously consider their birth options.

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lennart_preparingFor Expectant Parents
Preparing for Natural Childbirth
by Lennart Righard, M.D.

This two part CD focues on Relaxation and Preparing for Birth. Directed at the mother, Dr. Righard expresses the hope that listening to the CD or tape "will increse your self confidence and help you find inner strength to give birth actively." The CD comes with a booklet that gives basic advice for a normal birth, including the role of your partner, the importance of relaxation, sketches of positions to try out to prepare for labor, the stages of labor, and breastfeeding after the birth.



Available for closed circuit hospital viewing by special arrangement with Geddes Productions, LLC.

Running time: 6 minutes

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Preparing for Natural Childbirth

For Expectant Parents
with Lennart Righard

ISBN 1-885748-84-1

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